End of term at Exeter Cascade

It was a day of sadness as well as celebration last Friday when our 15 brilliant postgraduate interns presented snapshots of their work to members of the University. It was the last time we all met formally – face to face at least, though we continue as a learning community via our blog and a […]

Developing digital researchers: developing digital literacy at research-intensive universities

Over the next couple of months you will start to see evidence of our first year’s work emerging on our project web site. We are currently editing video interviews from postgraduate researchers and staff, supporting our PGR interns to complete their case studies and learning materials, and working up some of our own resources. These […]

Baselining digital literacies at Exeter

Following the cluster session on baselining and an online (collaborate) meeting with all projects, we have been refining our approach to baselining at Exeter. The main focus of our project is postgraduate researchers, so the questions we are asking revolve around what makes for a digitally literate researcher in different subject disciplines, and what the […]

Asking (Even Stupid) Questions

I read Pat’s blog post ‘Interesting Conversations’ and started making a comment. But I soon realised my comment was longer than his post, so I should just put it here. Before this gets too serious, I would also like to comment about his post, as a previous student, that VLE timetabling can in fact be […]

My Personal Ponderances: University’s Role in Digital Skill Development

I have been transcribing several interviews with different people, talking about digital literacy and the universities role…I have been seeing how diverse the perspectives are on the topic- how the question of employability- what most students are after- is sometimes seen as different from the question of knowledge, which a lot of academics are more […]

Digital Literacies at ALT-C 2011

Digital literacies wasn’t quite so much of a buzzword at the Association of Learning Technologies (ALT) Conference this year as it seemed to be last year, when it was the most common topic tweeted about.  (Perhaps once JISC has funded a major new programme in an area of e-learning by definition it is not longer […]