End of term at Exeter Cascade

It was a day of sadness as well as celebration last Friday when our 15 brilliant postgraduate interns presented snapshots of their work to members of the University. It was the last time we all met formally – face to face at least, though we continue as a learning community via our blog and a […]

Data Visualisation – The Big Topic

Communicating vast and complex data in a visually attractive manor has becoming more and more of a hot topic over the past few years.  From UK crime reports to US plastic surgery statistics, researchers, journalists and policy makers are finding new ways to make sense of the data that is collected. There is a cross-over between data, […]

Case studies in digital literacy development

Now that we have a full house of postgraduate researchers working with us it feels as though the project is really making progress. Each intern is contributing different talents and ideas to the group meetings, from which we will be producing a number of briefing papers for researchers on the theme of using digital technologies […]

Interns arrive

I’m not sure I know the collective noun for a group of postgraduate interns, but given the calibre of people we have been privileged to interview over the past few weeks I’m going to suggest a ‘talent’ of interns. The ‘talent’ we’ve collected together is larger than we first imagined, partly because there were so […]