How can digital technologies enhance my research practices? – Looking for inspiration

My colleagues and I were lucky enough to be asked by the CASCADE team to create a resource that would introduce academic researchers to the range of digital technologies that are now available and give them an insight into how they could be used to enhance their research practices – ┬áin essence how they can […]

Case studies in digital literacy development

Now that we have a full house of postgraduate researchers working with us it feels as though the project is really making progress. Each intern is contributing different talents and ideas to the group meetings, from which we will be producing a number of briefing papers for researchers on the theme of using digital technologies […]

Interns arrive

I’m not sure I know the collective noun for a group of postgraduate interns, but given the calibre of people we have been privileged to interview over the past few weeks I’m going to suggest a ‘talent’ of interns. The ‘talent’ we’ve collected together is larger than we first imagined, partly because there were so […]