Forecasting Products

Summary Reports
CLARIFY summary reports repository File A and File B summary reports available from here
Forecasting Details
Met Office Forecasts for CLARIFY For Username and Password, email
CAMS Forecast of Total Aerosol Optical Depth (550 nm) Total, Sea-Salt, Dust, BBA, Sulphate
HYSPLIT back-trajectories. Available for 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 km altitudes.
ORACLES Cross Section Predictions Aerosol extinction and number concentration.
Satellite Observations Details
Met Office Satellite Image Repository AU: West Africa and SE Atlantic domain; HE: Ascension Island; SW: South-West Africa. For Username and Password, email
KNMI WMS Viewer KNMI MSG realtime images
NASA Worldview
CALIPSO and CATS Lidar Quick Look Use GZip to unpack, can use webpages to view data in user friendly format.
OMPS Aerosol Index Maps for August 2017
Satellite Overpass Predictor
Ground-Based Observations Details
ARM Plot Browser Access Micropule Lidar (MPL) data (asimplpolfs), SP2 incandescence counts, CO mixing ratios, CCN concentration data here.
Ascension Cloud Radar Vertically pointing cloud radar on Ascension. Note: units are for Above Ground Level
Micropulse Lidar Data for July Only Dropbox for archived July Data. Access latest MPL data at ARM Plot Browser above.
Micropulse Lidar Data for August Dropbox for archived August Data. Access latest MPL data at ARM Plot Browser above.
KAZR Imagery Archive
Other Details
ORACLES Meteorological Support Website
ORACLES Daily Forecast Summary