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Coming to a close

1st of December 2011. That was the day I stopped being a “Senior IT Innovator” and became “E-Assessment Project Manager”. It was the official start of my of involvement with the Collaborate project, though truth be told I’d already been involved for some time in the project planning. Roll forward 2­½ years, and the project now […]


This week the Collaborate Team were invited to present to a group of new academics on the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP) programme. The focus of the session was on assessment, and with the beta version of the digital Work-Integrated Assessment (WIA) dimensions model now available, it was a great opportunity to discuss WIA with […]

The Journey of a Dimensions Leaflet

The Journey of a Dimensions Leaflet

As a project in the second half of it’s official two year time frame, we have been been working on ways to embed and sustain outcomes; looking into ways of enabling Collaborate to affect the design of assessments without the support of the project team. Eventually this process will lead us to the production of […]

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