Looking for talent … fancy joining the team?

We’ve had a fascinating time interviewing people for our baselining process, which has provided a strong foundation for the next stage of our project – actually working with academics, students and employers in assessment re-design.  Our new model, the Dimensions of Work-Integrated Assessment, is starting to prove itself in action, and we’re looking forward to a busy two terms working across the University in disciplines ranging from psychology to history, and from biosciences to spanish.

We’ve got a lot to do though, and so are looking to expand the team and bring in a graduate business partner for just under a year to support the other three core team members. We’re looking for someone with a real enthusiasm for educational enhancement, and a desire to move beyond the realms of traditional assessment, able to think laterally and creatively about new options and approaches. If they can also apply new technologies to this context, so much the better!

If you’re interested in the challenge, have a look at the job listing on the Exeter My Career Zone, and get familiar with the other postings both on this blog, and on our Collaborate Voices blog. Who knows, you could be writing on this blog yourself very soon, and be helping to develop a new way of exploring assessment which has already sparked interest and excitement not only here at Exeter, but also on a national level.

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