A Meeting with AccessAbility

The Collaborate project involves engaging with many departments within the University as communication with a diverse range of staff and students is essential to the development of the project. This week we met with the AccessAbilty team, who support a great number of students with specific learning disabilities. We wanted to explain what the project was involved in and to discuss the possible impact of the integration of assessments, employability and technology on students with disabilities.

The AccessAbility team were enthusiastic about our ideas, in particular our technology Top Trumps cards. After discussing how particular technologies presented on the cards could be useful for students with disabilities in the context of assessment (e.g. group work and presentations), we identified a need to investigate how the technologies on the Top Trumps cards might work alongside assistive technology. Will our suggested technologies complement or interfere with existing software such as speech recognition or screen reading software?

The next stage of our involvement with AccessAbility will involve piloting our Top Trumps technology in terms of disability to get a better idea of their suitability. Coincidentally, The AccessAbility team have put together a bank of examples of technology, geared towards specific subjects,  that may be useful for the students that they support. It will be very interesting for us to go through their examples and to compare and contrast them with our Top Trumps cards. We feel that their list of technology has potential to enrich our list and vice versa.

Collaborate is now discussing the possibility of indicating the aptness of a technology on the Top Trumps cards in relation to disability. Perhaps this will take the form of an ‘AccessAbility’ star rating alongside the other star ratings, or a symbol system to indicate certain compatibilities/ suitabilities. Whatever the final outcome, it will have been fantastic to have had the input of the AccessAbility team. We recognize the importance of this connection and will continue to collaborate as the project moves forward.

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