A Trio of Video Walls

Video clips have played, and continue to play, a major part in the project’s development. We have found that one of the best ways of documenting and showcasing our research is through this medium as it is extremely accessible to an outside audience. A good way to introduce someone to Collaborate is to direct them to our Collaborate Voices blog which consists of a wall of short clips that gives any visitor a clear indication of the kind of things Collaborate is interested in.

Following the success of Collaborate Voices, we have decided to create two more video walls to reflect the projects varying stages. They will be called, Collaborate Conversations and Collaborate Reflections. The Conversations blog will be primarily focused on our model, Dimensions of a Work Integrated Assessment, and will present clips of interviews that we have conducted with various stakeholders that directly relate to the model. For example, we have been engaging with recent graduates to find examples of modules that they took whilst studying that correlate with the model and we were able to film their observations. They offer opinions on particular areas of the model, vocalising enthusiasms and speculations.

Collaborate Conversations is also where we will showcase interviews with academic staff who have ‘mapped out’ their module onto the model whilst talking to us. We hope that the videos will reflect the vast array of modules from different subject areas that already have aspects of work-integrated assessment embedded within them. The clips celebrate what is already going on throughout the University and highlight areas that could be taken even further along the ‘employability’ scale.

Finally, we intend to set up a third video wall (Collaborate Reflections) that will focus on the evaluative aspect our work with the model. This is where we will post clips that deal with how well new assessments have worked. Again, we will present interviews with key stakeholders who, this time, will voice their thoughts about the model retrospectively. The video wall will act as a channel for evaluation as well as a place to exhibit our findings.

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