Bath Spa CAMEL Meeting

It has been over six months since the last CAMEL (Collaborative Approaches to the Management of E-Learning) meeting took place at Cornwall College and this time it was the turn of Bath Spa University to host the event.

These two day meetings were established in order for members of strand A projects, who are all concerned with redesigning assessment and feedback practices, to meet face to face with one another. They are a chance to share the progress made by each project and to reflect critically on each others work.

This particular meeting focused on the area of evaluation. After a year of baselining, planning and implementing, the projects are ready to move into a new phase of data collection and analysis. Within the striking building of Corsham Court, nineteen people gathered around a large table and addressed the key issues that surround the task of evaluation. What are we evaluating? What are our evaluation methods? How should we present our data and findings to different audiences? The list of considerations goes on.

Part of day one’s focus was on the challenges faced by projects and it was interesting to note that many of the challenges encountered were common to more than one project. For example, whilst planning evaluative strategies, projects have come across questions surrounding the difference between student learning and student satisfaction. Is there a correlation between the two? Which one should we be leaning towards when evaluating?

Conversations carried on well into the evening and day two began enthusiastically with more evaluation unpacking on the agenda. By lunchtime, each project had shared a selection of tools, methods, data and a few findings. As a group, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of each project’s evaluation plans and suggested ways to move forward now the gathering had come to an end.

Before climbing back into the car and making the journey back to Exeter we took a few moments to reflect on the event and to admire the stunning location. Thank you Bath Spa for a very enjoyable few days. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting which will be hosted by Collaborate here in Exeter. We will endeavor to make it just as useful and thought provoking.

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