Coming to a close

The Collaborate logo1st of December 2011. That was the day I stopped being a “Senior IT Innovator” and became “E-Assessment Project Manager”. It was the official start of my of involvement with the Collaborate project, though truth be told I’d already been involved for some time in the project planning. Roll forward 2­½ years, and the project now only has 1 month left to run, and we’re bringing things to a close – at least from the projects perspective.

Our colleagues Stuart and Charlotte have now left, hopefully going on to good things elsewhere. It’s been a real privilege to work with such amazing people, and I shall miss their intelligence, creativity and professionalism as much as their good humour and company. But all good things come to an end. Our final report notes are almost finished, one more video case study with JISC to finalise, and some budgets to complete, and the official part of Collaborate will come to an end. But that’s not the end of the story …

Next Steps: Where is the Collaborate project going now?

Collaborate produced four practical tools and techniques during its lifetime, but all through the project we wanted to ensure that whatever we created would have a sustainable life beyond the funded period. Those four tools and associated techniques are now being embedded within both existing and new practices at Exeter:

  • The original Assessment Designer has now been enhanced with a digital version, and its theory and practice is being embedded into our centrally provided staff development courses
  • The Tech Trumps have been interwoven into the Assessment Designer, and a new student focused version is in development for inclusion within our VLE and our iExeter mobile app. They will become a core part of a new imitative to develop digital literacy across the institution
  • The iTest is being enhanced with some personalisation tweaks, and will be embedded within iExeter. It too will form part of our digital literacy action plans
  • The ideas behind the Evaluation Package are now morphing into  a Framework for Personal, Professional and Academic skills, part of the much broader and longer term education strategy for Exeter.

So the project is far from over in many ways, and will hopefully continue to influence practice at Exeter for many years to come.

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