A psychologist who started out in human factors, got sidetracked by design and ended up in education.

Looking for talent … fancy joining the team?

We’ve had a fascinating time interviewing people for our baselining process, which has provided a strong foundation for the next stage of our project – actually working with academics, students and employers in assessment re-design.  Our new model, the Dimensions of Work-Integrated Assessment, is starting to prove itself in action, and we’re looking forward to […]

Building employability into assessment: What we know so far

Interested in finding out what the Collaborate project has been up to? Well, you’re in luck. We’re taking part in the Education Enhancement Assessment & Feedback week, and will be hosting a session on Monday the 11th of June from 14:00-14:45 where we’ll be talking about progress, and trialing some resources that we’ve created. We’ll be presenting […]

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