With one of the main strands of the project revolving around technology, it is no surprise that some of our work has ties to the Digital Literacy project, CASCADE.  One such instance is the development of the iTest. The iTest consists of 30 categorised questions, with each category being a part of an overall profile which creates a picture of an individual students use of  technology in their University ‘career’, their perceptions towards technology in this environment, and how they link their knowledge and use of technologies to life after graduation.

We took a lighthearted approach to the names of the categories, in an attempt to make the quiz and it’s information more engaging.  One of the main aims of the iTest is to raise student awareness towards Digital Literacy, and hopefully such an approach will maintain an interest in the information after the quiz has been completed. The Categories are: Digital Dodger, Digital Guru, Information Junkie, Career Builder, Media Mogul and Online Networker.

Having answered the questions, a score is calculated for each category, which can then be plotted on a radar graph, giving each student a relatively individual shape, to represent their technology profile. The main content to the iTest is the information provided in each category, and dependent on score,  the user is given ideas on how they can further improve their use of specific types of technologies. Examples include using specific technologies, taking advantage of University resources or working alongside peers to share expertise, ideas and opinions.


A full version is available from the JISC Design Studio here.

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