The Team

Collaborate naturally involves many people, from both within the University and further afield, as it’s very purpose is collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders. There are however two particular groups of people who are most closely involved – the core project team and the extended project team.

The Core Project Team

The core project team is comprised of Liz DunneRichard Osborne and Stuart Redhead, as project director, manager and officer respectively.

  • Liz is Head of Project Development at Education Enhancement, and has extensive experience in educational research, development and evaluation
  • Richard is on secondment from the College of Social Sciences and International Studies. He is an expert on digital technologies, and their use for teaching and learning
  • Stuart worked in the College of Humanities before the project and has experience in module accreditation and evaluation

The Extended Project Team

Our extended project team is a diverse mix of expertise that matches the three focuses of the project: pedagogy, technology and employability.

From our partner overseas at Curtin in Australia, we have Jon Yorke as project consultant. Then from Academic Standards and Policy here at Exeter we have Suzanne Byrch to advise on quality assurance and strategy issues. Representing employability we have both Paul Blackmore and Steve Gaskin, as Head of Employability and Employability and Professional Development Manager respectively.

From within on our ranks at Education Enhancement we have the Head of Education Enhancement, Sue Burkhill, together with the Head of E-Learning Matt Newcombe and the Head of Academic Development, Dilly Fung. From Matt’s team we also have Mike HighfieldKellie Cox and Kate Tyler to advise on E-Learning issues, and from Dilly’s team Marge Clarke, Jane Rowe and Lisa Spowart to advise on pedagogical issues. We also have Sue Milward, Head of eInnovation, to advise on the latest developments in technology.

Last, but by no means least, we have Steven Hickman, Senior Teaching Fellow and Director of the MSc International Management MBA for the Business School, collaborating with us.

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