Collaborate is a 3 year JISC funded project, that began in December 2011, which is being run by the Education Enhancement division at the University of Exeter. It aims to introduce new generation assignments, based around real-world and scenario based activities, designed collaboratively by staff, students and employers.

The project has three key threads:

  • Employability
  • Assessment
  • Technology

It aims to explore how assessments might be changed to embed employability at the very heart of academic practice, and is look at ways of using new information and communication technologies to support that process.

What is Collaborate doing?

After an initial period of baselining, looking at how assessments may or may not already be including employability and/or ICTs in innovative ways, we have been working with all Colleges at the University of Exeter to explore modules which may be candidates for possible re-design.

Having identified potential candidate modules, we have now begun working in depth with several modules from across the University, bringing in employers to work with programme teams and students, and redesigning assessments according to our model for Work Integrated Assessment.

Contact Details

For more information about Collaborate please contact the project manager, Richard Osborne ().

Visit the project’s website.

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