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Arts and Ed Futures students work with Spacex Gallery

Our MEd Creative Arts: Arts and Educational Futures module students spent a great afternoon at Spacex Gallery in Exeter on Monday. http://spacex.org.uk 
Artist Catherine Cartwright and Education Manager, Kathy Norris helped us to think about the role of arts organisations and galleries in educational futures, by getting practical with print-making.IMG_1683 IMG_1684

Royal Society of the Arts: can we close the creativity gap?

If you’re about to join the MEd Creative Arts Pathway at UoE as a full time student or on our new blended pathway, or if you’re just interested in creativity education, this blog by Joe Hallgarten at the RSA might spark your interest. Joe is asking questions about how we sustain momentum for creativity in education – answers on a postcard please!


Art and Art Education Scoop.it! resource…

I’ve recently created a new online resource for anyone with an interest in art and design education.  If you’re looking for some lesson ideas or online professional development, then please take a look at my Scoop.it! page:


Hope it will be helpful to you!

Emese (MEd Visual Art Tutor)





Creatures Under the Sea – Gifted and Talented Enrichment Course


This week the MEd students have been involved in supporting a 2-day Gifted and Talented art course with Year 5 and 6 pupils.  The focus was on making large 3D willow installations.  The workshop leader was Sam Townsend, a primary school specialist who lectures at the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth.


Animated creatures bring Eisner’s ideas to life

EFPM265 students spent time in a recent session bringing Elliot Eisner’s ideas to life by creating and drawing their own animated creatures, using a graphic shape system developed by visual artist, Scott Walker.  The creative process that they engaged in informed a debate related to Eisner’s ideas in his 2004 article:  What Can Education Learn from the Arts about the Practice of Education?



Creative Adventures with Mr Benn


As part of a Devon Artists In Schools (DAISI) project, MEd Creative Arts students visited local primary schools to help support art workshops themed around ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr Benn’.  The project involved working with professional artists and children aged 4 to 7.  The Mr Benn production ran at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre and the children’s art work, from numerous schools around the county, was exhibited at the theatre.

Puppets and assessing creativity

This year’s students have just taken part in a puppet workshop as part of EFPM228 Arts in the Curriculum.

They’ve also been looking into different ways of assessing creativity during EFPM224 Creativity and the Arts

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