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Creative Arts students due to work with The Devon Carousel Project


Next week the MEd Creative Arts invites in The Devon Carousel Project to work artistically and creatively with the students.  The session will focus on thinking about crossing boundaries in interdisciplinary practice in order to develop creativity, but also to help envisage arts-based creative educational futures.  Watch this space.

Creativity and the Arts module now available for blended study within UoE MEd Professional Studies

Our University of Exeter MEd is currently undergoing some exciting changes. The Graduate School of Education is pleased to offer three new modules in 2014/15 that allow you to study a specific subject specialism; one of these is the 30 credit Creativity and the Arts module which was previously only available to full time students.

Our  MEd prof studies leaflet 2014 contains further information on the modules available as well as who to contact regarding course entry requirements, how to bring in previous experience etc.  If you have specific questions about module content and focus please contact Kerry Chappell, the module leader.

Also, from 2015/16, the MEd programme will change to an MA Education with more specialist modules and greater flexibility over your mode of study. This means you can continue building your ideal programme and tailor it to your own personal interests and work situation.

Please pass this information on to students and colleagues who you think might be interested in the course.


Ester and the Devon Carousel Action Research Project

Ester, one of this year’s MEd Creative Arts students has been spending time with the Devon Carousel Team on their Round and Round You Turn Me interdisciplinary arts collaborative action research project.  Kerry Chappell (MEd Creative Arts lecturer) is currently working with the Carousel team as a mentor and researcher within the team to better understand how interdisciplinary arts practice so effectively contributes to young children’s development.  The project is funded by Arts Council England and will culminate in a research film and presentation at the British Educational Research Association 2014 Conference.  As well as contributing to data collection on the project, Ester has been keeping a blog of her experiences.


Why study the MEd in Creative Art??

This is the first question you ask yourself when you find the course.

This is the first question your parents and friends ask you when you tell them what you are going to study and where.

This is the first question you are asked on your first day!

This is the question you have running around in your head, all year, when you are up at midnight finishing your latest assignment, when you are trying to create the most artistic object ever made from junk at a museum, when you are trying to track down that particular book, when you are about to stand up and give  your presentation, when you are rolling around on the floor with a two year old pretending to be a dinosaur, when you are intensely debating what is the future of art education with other passionate artists and teachers from around the globe (who just happen to be on your course),  when you are screen printing your first every pillow case, when you are visiting a theatre production and have been given the task to decide is this creative, when you are standing in a muddy wet and cold wood with a class of year 6 students building a tree den….  and it is the question I am asking myself after I have finished my course 6 months later.

The answer will be different to each of us.

For me, I wanted something new to invigorate my teaching practice. I have been teaching Dance and Physical Education for over a decade and I knew that something was missing, some satisfaction to my every day work. I did not know what it was but I thought studying for a Masters in Education was the answer. I started on one course at another university but it was still not right.

Then I found the MEd in Creative Art at Exeter, by complete accident, but I knew it was the right course for me, you just know when something is right, right?

For applicants for 2014

To applicants for 2014

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