Project Manager Introduction

Hello, my name is Sam Daly and I am the Project Manager for the CRIATE project. I only joined the University on 3rd January and the sheer speed with which we are already progressing has taken some getting used to! Previous to Exeter, I worked for a local authority on mobile IT projects, and before this I worked for a number of years in IT sales.

Our approach to the project is helped by the fact that the University is organised into Colleges, each with their own existing course information database, so we are bringing them over one at a time to our new iPaMS system. However this is complicated by other existing deadlines and pressures that we will have to work around, so it’s not always up to us when we can do things.

Overall the project currently looks quite healthy and I think we have a good team in place to keep the momentum up. It’s a really exciting project, not particularly from a technical point of view, but from an angle of business benefits; we have never before had all our course related information in one place and we will be able to use this to the University’s benefit.

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