A different perspective on our project

Last week Ian Tilsed and I attended the first face-to-face JISC programme meeting in London. It was interesting to see just how many ways there were of approaching a similar goal. Many institutions already have a course information database and just need to produce a XCRI-CAP feed. Others, like us, were using the project as an opportunity to produce an entirely new system to consolidate existing sources. And quite a few were asking the providers of their student records systems to step up and produce the feed.

However many of the challenges facing the projects were the same. Engagement from the wider institution seemed to be one of the largest problems for most projects, but I was delighted to report that we are doing really well here. This might be because such a database at Exeter is well overdue, so everyone is really keen to see it implemented, but it’s a good sign nevertheless. The good news is that once we do have iPaMS in place, producing the XCRI-CAP feed should be easy as we have designed iPaMS to hold the data in the right structure to do this.

Now we need to put some thought into what the XCRI-CAP feed will actually be used for. Our course data is a valuable asset and we might want to consider who has access to this…

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