A different perspective on our project #2

As Sam notes, in his recent post about our attendance at the recent JISC Programme Meeting, it has been interesting to see just how many ways there were of approaching a similar goal.  This, surprisingly, was still the case even when the delegates grouped together by system or approach, during the afternoon discussions.

As two of us were attending the event, I took the liberty of joining the discussion centred around a particular student record system, that we also use, as I was interested to learn about the projects in that area.  It quickly became evident that there was no definitive approach, even though we were all using the same SRS, in part due to internal processes, but also due to the availability and use, or not, of various system modules by each institution.

However, there was much commonality in other areas, for instance in the intention to work together more closely to co-ordinate the submission of development requests to the SRS supplier, such that the product better addresses the management of course data.  It was also suggested that an SRS specific sub-group, within the programme, would also contribute to the broader efforts around the projects and this particular system.

It’s early days but the contacts made, allied with the shared vision, should help us to move forward in cooperative partnership with our supplier.  More on this, I hope, in future posts!

Ian Tilsed
Project Director

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