As part of our JISC funding we will be providing an XCRI-CAP feed from iPaMS. If you’re not up to date on what XCRI-CAP is then here is a video giving a quick overview of how the feed will work.

This feed will allow us to share our data with external users and services. Sounds great, but I want you to think about the implications…

What does XCRI-CAP mean to us?

The clear benefits will be automated links with UCAS, HEFCE, etc that will drastically cut down on our manual processes.

What is less clear is that market that will spring up to consume institutions’ XCRI-CAP feeds. Imagine a ‘comparetheuni.com’ or ‘Which University’ where every part of the course data is analysed and compared.

  • Would this be advantageous for us?
  • Are we confident that our portfolio would compare well?
  • Would some universities opt-out of providing this data?
  • Would some universities feel they can charge to provide it?
  • Would some comparison sites be seen as more ‘elite’?
  • Would some specialise on certain subjects?

These comparison sites would want to be perceived as drawing accurate conclusions (i.e. conforming to the common university rankings), but there could be some anomalies where courses at Exeter don’t compare well with other ‘comparable’ institutions. What would we do about that? Of course, all the other universities would be doing the same, so it could end up being a bit of an ‘arms race’ to improve ratings.

Please feel free to add your comments below this post!

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