Linking Programmes

Whilst recently investigating programmes we have come across some previous templates holding multiple programme data, such as those that have the same programme content but give you the choice of receiving a BA or a BSc. Similarly we have also found 3 year programmes that allow the choice of an extra year for MSc to be held on the same template. Furthermore, programmes that enable an optional year abroad/placement have also been held on the same programme and instead should be held separately. The main focus of us separating these templates is due to the intricate workflow that is being developed and the fact that each programme needs to be approved separately.

duplicate small

Currently, as we have mentioned, many of these similar programmes have been held on the same template. Since Colleges will now have to split these programmes up we have been working on how to make the transfer of data between programmes easier. One simple idea is to have a “duplicate” button. This would either copy all the data across or specific chosen fields, from one programme template to another; the user would then delete/change any of the data to fit with the new programme. These are the simple ideas for programme linking but the downside of this approach is if the similar programmes needed editing, each programme would have to be edited individually.

parent small

The more complex process is following a parent-child idea. This allows one programme to be a “parent programme” allowing you to copy its data across to another programme. This is similar to the duplicate idea, however, when data is edited in the parent programme, the data would also change in the child programmes automatically. We have discussed, regarding the parent-child process, if any data was edited within the linked programmes that notifications would arise. These notifications would let the user know that this programme is linked to others. Further discussion to how the notifications would work and what they would display will be considered in more detail if this process was chosen.

We have been in discussions with everyone from the project team about these ideas and we are still working on what process would be best. The initial duplicate button is quick to develop and easy to use, however, it would expect users if editing, to edit all programmes individually. In comparison, the parent-child would be more complex to develop but would allow easy editing functions for users throughout all linked programmes.

Please comment and let us know what you think. What are you doing with your institution?

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