Building Effective Screencasts

With our ever growing system and the need for Colleges to move quickly over to iPaMS we have found training material to be of high importance within this project. As mentioned in both previous posts and tweets, we have started work on training material to provide Colleges with direction when entering data into iPaMS. Currently we have both training documents and videos on how to enter and edit module data and we are also working on training material for programmes too. We have had great feedback regarding the training with the highest positive feedback being given for the videos. As our training videos were so highly watched by users, I therefore felt it would be good to brush up on my Screencasting techniques, so booked myself onto a training course.

The course was named “Building Effective Screencasts” and was held in Bristol by JISC Digital Media. Throughout the day I was taught a wide range of skills from microphone techniques to the use of Camtasia Studio. Although I have already been making videos in Camtasia, I still learnt many skills that I will use within my future videos. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants an introduction to building Screencasts.

I am now currently working on a new series of training videos for programmes, whilst also updating the ones I have previously made.  My main priority is to improve the quality of both the video and voice-overs, using some of the skills I learnt from the training day. I am also working on designing a generic intro for all the training videos I make to give it a consistent approach.

If you have any questions about our training videos, please get in contact.

Lauren – Project Support Officer

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