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Programme Update

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Over the past couple of weeks we have started to enter programme data into iPaMS.  Our developers have ‘mass-imported’ a lot of the top- level programme information that we need within the system, including the programme title, code and NQF level.  This means that when we add programme specifications we do not have to spend time trawling through SITS data to find the relevant programme code to ensure that the two systems integrate with each other in the future.  This information will also be essential when we import archive programme data from other systems and it will help us to ensure that we capture programmes that have been withdrawn in the past few years.

There are still a few tweaks that need to be made to the system before we can get all of our iButton help features in, but once this has happened Lauren will start visiting colleges and training individuals so that they can start entering programme data.  One of our developers was planning on enjoying a bit of summer sunshine and has book a couple of (well earned) weeks off of work so all major programme developments are (unfortunately) on hold for now.  Due to the number of fields within the iPaMS template and all of their different uses (feeding XCRi. the web and TQA spec) training will be more important and complicated than it was when we released modules.  If we can get our training right in the first instance hopefully we will be able to ensure a nice smooth transitions when college websites start to feed programme information from the Live system.

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