Marketing Courses with XCRI-CAP Event

Thank you again to everyone who made it on the day. We enjoyed having each and every one of you. Please see below for the guest speaker’s PowerPoint slides.

  1. The challenges in a busy Marketing Department– Rebecca Euesden, Marketing Manager and Louise Harris, College Marketing Manager (The University of Exeter)
  2. Analysis of the needs of a course listing site – Jayne Rowley, Commercial Director (Graduate Prospects)
  3. Alan Paull – Demonstrations and Making the best use of XCRI-CAP– Alan Paull, XCRI Data Consultant (Alan Paull Services Ltd)
  4. How the Course Data programme is helping – Ruth Drysdale, Course Data Programme Manager (JISC)
  5. iPaMS Progress – Samuel Daly, Project Manager (The University of Exeter)

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