A Quick Update

After all the excitement on our blog regarding our event and the JISC courdata meeting, we thought it was time to give you all an update.

 Recently we have been working very hard on getting all our programme and module data into iPaMS. So far we have moved all our archive data from the DWAI system, which the colleges of Humanities and SSIS use, into iPaMS. We have also finished entering both Humanities and SSIS 12/13 programme and module information. Both colleges are now currently checking over their data in the system.

Within the Business School we have finished entering in their 12/13 module data and we are working on entering their 12/13 programme data. We are looking  into moving their archive data from their existing system into iPaMS very soon.

CLES have all their 12/13 module data held in iPaMS and they are currently entering their 12/13 programme data. We have already copied over their archive data into the system.

Our developer is also currently working on the web feeds and once this is up and running and we have all the data held in iPaMS, we are ready to feed the data to the web. We are also starting to look into our workflow, as discussed in our previous post, this is something we were interested in discussing with other projects. We have finished the majority of our consultation around the workflow with each of our colleges and we are now looking to start development in the system, which will be a very complex task.

We are also working hard on designing our version control. We will hopefully have a blog post about this in the near future.

It was lovely to meet many of you at both our CRIATE event in Exeter and the JISC course data event in London. We hope your projects are going well, please keep an eye out on our blog for more updates, as well as our Twitter account.

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