Marketing Our Programmes

Hello all, we are very sorry for the lack of blog posts but we have been very busy bees. We thought we’d give you a quick update with something we have been working on recently, which is helping the Marketing department organise their data feed to the web.

Within iPaMS we have marketing specific programme fields, for example marketing descriptions and study abroad sections.

Normally each year the Marketing department would enter their data on the University’s content management system, whereas now, they can enter it in iPaMS against the programme for a specific academic year.

Recently we have been helping the department check that the programmes they need to market for 14/15 are held in iPaMS and for those that are not, we have been able to create a shell of the programme. We are hoping in the future we will be able to get the programmes rolling forward automatically and with the creation of new programmes going through the workflow, Marketing should have all the programmes they need within iPaMS.

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