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Version Control

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Version Control has just gone live, so now is the time to show you what we have done. The main idea behind Version Control is to allow senior members of the colleges to have the ability to track and approve changes within both modules and programmes. Version control will also allow you to browse over the archive version changes that have been made over time.  Commence the print screens….

To edit a module you would need to click on the “edit latest” button next to the relevant academic year.

This now takes you to the edit page of the module. After editing, the field changes colour to highlight that changes have been made and a hover over box shows you what was populated in the original text.

Once you save your changes and go back to the descriptor page, you can see a version of your module has been created. From this screen you can now browse through the previous versions you may have created, edit the latest version and if you are a super-user, approve any changes by clicking “publish”.

With the ability of creating versions, this now allows  senior members of staff to control the changes that are being made. To allow these versions to become approved and therefore view to the web they will need to be published. Only super-users of iPaMS have access to publish, which helps monitor the changes made within both module and programme descriptions.

Update Post

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We haven’t done an update post for a little while now so we thought today would be a good day to let you all know what we’ve been up to. Firstly, we are ever so nearly there with having all the module and programme information we need for iPaMS (including archive data). We have  recently imported CLES’s (College of Life and Environmental Science) programme and module data. We will need to finish tidying up the data and then we will be bringing over the Business School’s archive data.

Our developer Justin has been working hard on our version control, which is currently being tested and will be released to live very soon. Please keep an eye out for a separate blog post regarding our version control.

Our developer Helen is still working hard on implementing our work flow. It is a rather complex design but once we have it in the system this will allow us to start our online approval processes. We will also be working to integrate work flow in with the version control, to allow any minor or major edits to flag/notify the correct people.

Currently I am working closely with the colleges on the list of improvements that we would like to have completed before the end of the project. One of these improvements is looking at changing our module pdf to be more in line with our programme pdf  which has different formatting and colouring.

Our developer Ben is also still working away at our web service and whilst the University is redesigning the undergraduate web pages, the web team have been using our test web service to see how iPaMS data will pull through. To help with this process we are  flashing our live data weekly onto the test site for them to work on until we have the live web service up and running.

We hope everyone else’ projects are going well and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your posters and videos that you have been creating. Once we have released our version control and work flow we will be able to do a more in depth blog post for each.

Lauren – Project Support Officer


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