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Workflow Mapping

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Workflow mapping and finalising exactly how we plan for programmes to be approved and amended within iPaMS has been an ongoing task since the start of the project.  Over the past few months specific meetings have been held where we mapped out Business Approval and processes that currently occur in SITS.  However our focus has been on programmes and making sure that the programme template is fit for purpose.  Therefore any conversation about workflow has been connected to this.  For example the Graduate School of Education (GSE) run a number of ‘Continuing Education Short Courses’.  We met with GSE to discuss how these would fit into the programme template.  These non-credit bearing programmes are in fact approved in module templates, thus we looked into the approval workflow of these to ensure that it maps against other processes within the system avoiding us having to build a separate element of workflow for this handful of programmes.

Now that we have stopped looking at programmes we have finished mapping the workflow processes.  Squeezed onto a page of A3 our workflow diagram is complicated, to put it mildly.  Consultation with Marketing and Faculty has confirmed when individuals need to receive notifications about different stages within the process and to who will receive these.  Consultation with Admissions and the Library has allowed us to streamline parts of the Business Approval process so that each department’s involvement occurs at a slightly different stage, improving communication and efficiency throughout the development of programmes.

We are currently organising meetings with colleges so that those involved in the design and amendment of programmes and modules can comment on the proposed processes and we can make sure that iPaMS will work at this college level.  There have been a few discrepancies between colleges so far, but these are only minor- for example some colleges have a Learning and Teaching Committee, others have Programme Approval Committees, Educational Strategy Group Meetings serve a slightly different purpose in some colleges…  However none of these factors affect how the process works within iPaMS.  All feedback, so far, has been very positive and it looks everybody is looking forward to iPaMS being finished and seeking the benefits of an online workflow process.

Postgraduate Study Site

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The Marketing Office is working with the web team to consider the presentation of postgraduate programme and module information on our website. Although not in scope of the CRIATE project itself we can see some real business benefits which will support student recruitment at the University of Exeter. We are conducting research which will help us to understand to what extent the current set up is meeting the requirements of the key audience – prospective students – and how we can improve the content and navigation of the current pages to better support postgraduate recruitment. This information will then be used to plan how we will pull through information from the CRIATE project to our website. A similar project will run in conjunction for undergraduate programmes.

Project Manager Introduction

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Hello, my name is Sam Daly and I am the Project Manager for the CRIATE project. I only joined the University on 3rd January and the sheer speed with which we are already progressing has taken some getting used to! Previous to Exeter, I worked for a local authority on mobile IT projects, and before this I worked for a number of years in IT sales.

Our approach to the project is helped by the fact that the University is organised into Colleges, each with their own existing course information database, so we are bringing them over one at a time to our new iPaMS system. However this is complicated by other existing deadlines and pressures that we will have to work around, so it’s not always up to us when we can do things.

Overall the project currently looks quite healthy and I think we have a good team in place to keep the momentum up. It’s a really exciting project, not particularly from a technical point of view, but from an angle of business benefits; we have never before had all our course related information in one place and we will be able to use this to the University’s benefit.

We’re nearly there with all our introductions, so please keep posted for more project-specific updates on our blog soon. Why not subscribe to our RSS feed and get all our updates delivered to your inbox?

Marketing and the Web Team

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The Marketing team has pushed for an integrated system where we house all programme and module information. Current challenges for the team include not knowing when changes to programmes and modules have occurred and not knowing which source of information is the most up to date. This makes maintaining marketing information about our programmes time consuming and challenging. It is hoped that CRIATE will enable the University to communicate its programmes professionally, accurately and within the law.
Benefits to the Marketing Office and Web Team include:
o Reduced administrative time required to check marketing communications, including modules and programme information
o Reduced time required to update website information with content being pulled through directly from the database
o Improved programme approval process reducing capacity currently required to find out about new programmes for marketing information

We hope that this will improve prospective student satisfaction through improved accuracy in programme information and timeliness of information.

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