PhD studentship available

Networks of interacting oscillatory units are abundant in nature and technology. There is a PhD studentship available to understand how the interactions between individual units shape the overall network dynamics. The studentship covers all fees and includes a stipend for living expenses. Deadline is Nov 30, 2018; click here to apply.

The dynamics of a piecewise isometry

Pedro Peres, a PhD student within the Centre, has recently produced a short YouTube video that illustrates some aspects of the dynamics of a piecewise isometry that he has been studying as part of his reseach. You can find more about his work on the mathematics of this system in



Workshop on Network dynamics: bridging theoretical advances and applications

Kyle Wedgwood and Christian Bick are hosting a workshop on Network dynamics: bridging theoretical advances and applications at the University of Exeter on Mon/Tue, April 9-10, 2018. Please see the workshop webpage for more information and registration.

PhD studentships available

There are a number of EPSRC-funded PhD studentships available within the Centre for Systems Dynamics and Control: these include the following which offer full funding to UK students and fees-only to EU students non-resident in the UK. The deadline for applications for the following is 10th January 2018:

One-day study in ergodic theory and dynamical systems

We are pleased to announce the second one-day study in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems to be held at the University of Exeter on 17th November 2017. If you have any enquiries please ask .


New staff member: Jimmy Tseng

Dr. Jimmy Tseng has joined us as a new member of academic staff. His research focuses on homogeneous dynamics, ergodic theory, number theory (especially Diophantine approximation), geometry, and the interactions of these fields. He has previously held teaching and research positions at the University of Bristol, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Ohio State University.

Workshop on neural networks: from dynamical systems to psychology, 24th Nov 2017

This workshop will take place at the University of Exeter on Friday 24th November 2017

Networks are a highly topical subject for mathematical research in dynamical systems, where new challenges are being addressed, new methodologies developed and surprising connections uncovered. The workshop will discuss recent research on the mathematical and computational modelling of neural-inspired dynamic networks, as well as exploring connections to clinical-facing research.

For programme, speakers and registration, see


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