Dr Anastasia Somerville-Wong (or Ana Wong for short!)

Project Leader


I am by training a historian but I am currently working on the Europeana Space (or E-Space) project funded by the European Commission, with the intellectual property team at the University of Exeter Law School, led by Professor Charlotte Waelde.

The E-Space project aims to increase and enhance the creative industries’ use of digital cultural content, especially content accessible via the Europeana internet portal. Its purpose is to create new employment opportunities and foster innovation and economic growth based on Europe’s rich cultural resources. We are a consortium or best practice network of 29 partners from the European creative industries, tech-based enterprises, the cultural heritage sector and higher education.

Our pilot projects and hackathons in dance, games, television, photography, museums and open and hybrid publishing will showcase new content and applications based on digital cultural content, and demonstrate how these can be commercialised for the benefit of both software developers and cultural institutions.

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In a previous life I was a historian and theologian. I am also a writer, poet, and musician. For more information on my background and other projects see:


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