Bake your Thesis for Children in Need

Written by: Sarah-Jayne Ainsworth

Ask most PGRS, and the main foci of their lives are their thesis and food – so humanities decided to combine these ideas and hold a ‘Bake your Thesis’ competition to offer students an opportunity to network, engage creatively with research and raise money for Children in Need.

A range of projects were represented in confectionery form. Whilst some sought to use recipes which included ingredients with a direct link to their research, others chose instead to create cakes and bakes which resembled artefacts or ideas from their projects. Bakes included a quince, rosemary and meddler cake representing work on Shakespeare and botany, a lemon drizzle decorated with the British and German flags to signify research into the charities which helped German POWs in Britain in WWI, and a Dorset apple cake which linked to a study of Thomas Hardy’s correspondence. There were also several cakes which related to the early modern period: a ruined church based on research into memorialisation of the dead; a book to illustrate a project on libraries; money cakes linked to a study of early modern women’s work and a will for a thesis on early modern women’s last wills and testaments.

The competition was judged by staff from the Doctoral College before colleagues pounced on the cakes, raising in excess of £50 for Children in Need. Congratulations to Harry Ford whose interesting flavour combinations in his Shakespeare and botany made him the winner.

Thanks to all the students who participated or bought a cake, and to Cathryn Baker in the HASS office for her support.