Group 4-Week 8-Bambi Poster

Walt Disney Bambi Poster-What kind of Item is this? The poster, as an Advertisement for […]

Group 2 – Ephemera from British Cinema and World War II

British Cinema and World War II Our group chose to research a collection of essays […]

British Cinema during WWII – Group 6 Looking through the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum archive, we have come across an interesting […]

Group 5 – Week 8 Item number: 30379 What kind of item is this? We chose a history/critisim book […]

Group 3 – Week 8 What kind of item is this? The item we chose was a book made […]

Group 1 – Week 8 – British Cinema in WWII

The item we have chosen to analyse is a magazine clipping entitled “Wartime Cinema.” The […]

Sources to Aid us in French Film of the 1920’s

1:   Liebman, Stuart. French Film Theory. Quarterly Review of Film Studies. Issue 1. Informa […]

An analysis of 2 sources on French Film in the 1920s by Group 1

The first article we chose is called The Colour Fantastic: Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema […]

Sergei Eisenstein’s Tomb- Group 4

One of the many artifacts that can be found in the Bill Douglas Cinema museum […]

Annotated Bibilography Group 5

Bibliography   Surrealism and film; Luis Bunuel, avant garde, Un Chien Andalou, Salvador Dali. Matthews, […]