Group B week 3

Our source is a set of photographs which were produced in 1989 during an exhibition […]

Week 3, Group D: Russia and Soviet Film in the 1910s and 1920s

Introduction: This week we looked into the catalogue of Bill Douglas Cinema Museum to find […]

BDC Museum Books

Week 2, Group D: Working with Early Film

Problems and Challenges that we face from Early Cinema From the screenings we have viewed […]

Film History

Week 2 – Group C

Although maintaining an appreciation for early cinema and the material we have engaged with, there […]

Group A – Week 2

The medium of cinema first appeared in the mid 1890s. It began as short moving […]

Film History blog post week 2

Upon reflecting on our first experiences in studying film histories we found not only that […]

What is Film History?

Pre and early cinema is a period of history that most sources agree runs from […]

Week 1, Group C: What is film history?

Film history and indeed history itself, is considered the encapsulation and study of the events […]

Week 1, Group D: What is Film History?

Film History Film history is a vast topic to cover and hard to clearly find […]

Film History