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Welcome …

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

… to the Interdisciplinary Readings: Havelock Ellis & Co. Blog!

This blog contains up-to-date information about the various aspects of the Havelock Ellis Project, which brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines to explore the little understood interdisciplinarity of Havelock Ellis’ work.

The blog will present reports from workshops and meetings as well as announcements for future events. It will also, in due time, include information about the ongoing research conducted as part of the project.

Project Outline

Havelock Ellis is widely recognised as a key figure in the history of sexuality, but as part of and in addition to his work on sexuality, he was also actively involved in numerous other fields of knowledge, such as literary and art history, the study of spirituality and mysticism or anthropology, to name but a few. His friendships and collaborations with different writers and artists give further evidence of Ellis’ engagement with areas of knowledge that lie outside of a traditional scientific framework.

This project investigates these interdisciplinary connections by establishing an international network comprising scholars with diverse kinds of expertise. Overall, the initiatve generates a fuller understanding of Ellis’ work; it also develops a framework for a more nuanced examination of the interdisciplinary culture of knowledge of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in which sexual science played an integral part.

Background Information

The network is funded by the British Academy and organised by Dr Jana Funke, who is working on the Sexual Knowledge, Sexual History Project at the Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter.