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Here are some links to news stories, radio and TV programmes that have come to our attention in relation to diagnosis, neurodiversity and autism.
Articles here are not endorsed by us, however, we thought users of this website may find them as interesting as we do. The most recent links are at the top.

Spectrum News’ article about rethinking repetitive behaviours in autism:

Article about study that explores the benefits of workplace Neurodiversity:

Article about how the Neurodiversity movement can be found to overlook autism as a disability:

BBC article on Paddy McGuinness responding to his children ‘not looking disabled’ (despite having autism):

A Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism post ‘Neurodiversity FAQ’:

A Guardian letter to ‘our friends who share autism success stories’:

The Guardian article by Simon Baron-Cohen about Neurodiversity and autism: 

NBC news article: Why the focus of autism research is shifting away from a search for a ‘cure’: more attention is on identifying children as early as possible and support for the health and well-being of autistic adults

Transcribed radio discussion debating the Neurodiversity movement:

Guardian article ‘women ‘better than men’ in disguising autism symptoms:

What is Autism? How the term became too broad to have meaning any more. Guardian article:

The Telegraph article, ‘Autism now so over diagnosed it will be a meaningless condition in 10 years’

BPS Psychologist article, ‘Me and Monotropism: A Unified Theory of Autism’:

Dispatches programme 29th July 2017, 9pm – Young, British and Depressed (trailer):

Study finds psychiatric diagnosis to be ‘scientifically meaningless’:

Spectrum Article ‘Stimming, therapeutic for autistic people, deserves acceptance’:

Spectrum Article ‘Autistic people with intellectual disability often excluded in studies’: 

A man with quadriplegic cerebral palsy blinked at a judge to go home rather than remain in hospital or be moved to hospice care:

Blog post ‘Autistic communication differences and how to adjust for them’:

Scientific American article ‘Cleaning Up Some Misconceptions about Neurodiversity’:

Article from The Washington Post about an employee helping an autistic boy having a meltdown:

A stream of letters in The Guardian about autism as a diagnostic category:

How Asperger’s helped Greta Thunberg realise there was a climate crisis:

Spectrum article on the divisions in and between the Autistic Community and Neurodiversity Movement:–pYUjvcBMd7WhL5S4Ig6qpC4vTE

Article in USA today about how autism has made the writer a better husband:

Not all autistic people are good at maths and science, an article in The Conversation:

A review suggesting the DSM-5 narrowed eligibility for autism diagnoses, while the new social communication disorder diagnosis is barely used:

‘The good thing about ADHD: It’s my superpower’ – BBC video: 

Autism Ireland closing down:

DVLA U-turns on autism disclosure policy after uproar: Drivers with autism will only need to disclose if their is affected, following Guardian report:

This story was also covered in other outlets like The Conversation, which cites the Independent:

Report on Amazon selling books on ‘autism cures’ that suggest children drink toxic, bleach-like substance:

Care Quality Commission rebuked for failure to prosecute National Autistic Society over care home abuse: 

A study by researchers at the University of Surrey led by an autistic adult from November 2018 that found social stigma accounted for 72% of the distress reported by autistic adults:

A new article that is making the rounds by autistic advocates et al. on social media:

Launch of Neurodivergent Labour:

West End play ‘All in a Row’ receiving criticism over use of puppet to portray boy with autism:

London Evening Standard report on a drop in vaccination rates across Europe, particularly in London:

BBC article ‘Wales autism law rejection ‘a kick in the teeth”: 

The dangers of ‘Neurodiversity’:

Guardian article on ‘Medication isn’t always the right answer for children with ADHD’:

Guardian article ‘Too few children receiving treatment for ADHD, figures suggest’:

BBC Wales article ‘ADHD: Excluded pupils ‘should be screened automatically’’:

Spectrum News ‘Revealing autism’s hidden strengths’:

Spectrum article ‘Can computers diagnose autism?’:

BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire programme – section on autistic people being mistreated in ‘assessment and treatment’ units (starts around 6 minutes):

BBC article on a comic book shop in Cambridgeshire co-run by autistic brothers:

US autistic teen died in hospital a couple days after being violently restrained at school:

BBC story on a school for autistic girls and related research on autism in girls being done by the University of Surrey and Kent:

Gatwick airport the first to have a sensory room:

Guardian article on ‘Rain Man at 30’ discussing what it has done (both positively and negatively) for autism

Guardian article about the effort to close down the Judge Rottenberg Center in the US:

An article by autistic advocates – ‘The Art of Stimming’:

Article arguing that some identified ADHD is an instance of medicalisation: commentary on this article can be found here:

Reactions to Cambridge University’s paper about sex differences in autism in the guardian: and the Daily Mail:

BBC documentary on shell shock and its history into becoming a recognised diagnosis after symptoms were first seen on a large scale in WWI:

Guardian article – Unnecessary tonsillectomies?:; original research article can be found here –

New York Times article ‘A Profusion of Diagnosis. That’s Good and Bad.’:

Summary of article ‘Stigma of Autism Can Take Toll on Psyche’:; the full published article can be found here

Guardian article – The Myth of Meritocracy:

Now This Is News video – ‘What you need to know about neurodiversity’:

Local authorities accused of ‘pimping out’ autistic woman:

Autistic woman abused in the US:

Guardian article – ‘Medication isn’t always the right answer for children with ADHD’:

Guardian article – ‘Too few children receiving treatment for ADHD, figures suggest’:

Guardian article – ‘Sorry, Netflix: we don’t need another freak show

Guardian article – ‘What Netflix comedy Atypical gets right and wrong‘ – did they ‘do their homework’?

Guardian article – ‘I’m autistic – don’t let anti-vaxxers bring back the culture of fear

Netflix show ‘Atypical’ –

Guardian article – ‘Don’t be in any doubt – ADHD is a condition and it must be treated

The Art of Autism article by a young girl recently diagnosed with autism – ‘A High School Essay: Passing and Prejudice

BBC iWonder web page on ‘how can you tell if an adult is autistic?’:

‘How to Meet Autistic People Halfway’ – controversial article in The Times:

BBC Radio 4, The Untold: Jade’s World. The story of a games designer with autism:

An interview with autistic comedian Hannah Gadsby about how her trauma transformed comedy:

BBC Radio 4, Four Thought – ‘D is for Diagnosis’:

WHO releases new International Classification of Diseases (ICD 11):

Guardian articles – Woman with Asperger’s ejected from cinema:, which provoked this article on disabled people facing ‘hostile environments’:

BBC Radio 4, iPM – ‘I always felt like an alien. Now I know why’:

BBC – ‘It all made sense when we found out we were autistic’:

Guardian article – More than 120 homeopaths trying to ‘cure’ autism in the UK: 

Guardian article in response to the Power Threat Meaning Framework – ‘Mental health labels can save lives. But they also can destroy them’:

BBC Radio 4, Women’s Hour – ‘Kinship carers, Happy teenagers’ programme discussing neurodiversity:

The Scientism of Autism:

Editorial Perspective: Neurodiversity – A Revolutionary Concept for Autism and Psychiatry:

BBC Radio 4 programme ‘A Normal… Family’:

A news article which summarises the new ‘Are you Autistic?’ TV programme to begin on Channel 4 28th March 2018: 

BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Naming of Diseases’:

The AS money saver – BBC short documentary:

‘Stark Raving Normal?’ considerations of historical diagnosis and the case of Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery: 

The French ‘50 years’ behind in autism ‘treatment’:

New biological test for autism looking for proteins in blood and urine samples:

How much undiagnosed adults with ADHD ‘cost’:

What the neurodiversity movement does and doesn’t offer:

Puzzle Piece Controversy for Autism:

The Power Threat Meaning Framework: