Industrial Conclave

Industrial Conclave on Permanent and Exchange Spring Magnets will be held on 24th of July 2020. Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the workshop will be held in a virtual form. Further details will be announced shortly.


Satellite meetings

The Industrial Conclave is a satelite meeting to Ex-Spring 2020 – International Workshop on Exchange Driven Magnetization Dynamics, which will take place on 23rd of July.

EXTREMAG User Meeting will take place on 22nd of July.


The Industrial Conclave will be held in a virtual form and is free of charge. Registration will be required to access the meeting and will open on the 3rd of July with further details provided on this web page ahead of the meeting. The contact e-mail address for inquiries related to the meeting:

Invited Speakers

Confirmed invited speakers include:

Noritsugu Sakuma, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

Nora M. Dempsey, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Institut NĂ©el, France

Tom Thomson, University of Manchester, UK

Oliver Gutfleisch, TU Darmstadt, Germany

Simon Bance, Seagate Technology, USA

Michael Coey, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland