Day 2 started with a lecture from Brent (a Spanish-speaking Kiwi/ island biogeography expert #ScientistGoals) about his team’s research around the Canary Islands. They have been sampling for beetles and conducting genetic analyses to work out who came from where, and how ancient landslides have influenced the arthropod populations on Tenerife by forming ecological barriers to their distribution. Insects probably reached the Canaries on organic debris from Africa millions of years ago, and diversified here over many more years. Some winged insects, including butterflies, arrived by their own steam, and it’s possible that birds carried others here when they colonised the island.B5

Soon after, we were heading back into the laurel forest equipped with nets, tree bashing sticks, bug catching sheets, magnifying lenses and trappy pots (technical terms) in search of invertebrates. We would later identify our samples back at the