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Ciao for now Costa Rica!

Having returned from Costa Rica earlier this week, we have had time to reflect on how fortunate we were to be apart of an incredible field trip. The diversity of the country, wildlife encounters, talented professors and the amazing people on this trip made it a highlight of my university experience. Now to hear from…

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es502    January 24th, 2019    Costa Rica

The Tropical Retreat

Costa Rica has been an absolutely amazing field course, mainly because of the diversity of each area, the passionate lecturers and the array of tropical wildlife which we witnessed. Our final location on the field course, was at an eco-lodge on Jungla del Jaguar, situated within the Osa Peninsula. Here’s a reflection as to why…

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The Cloud Forest experience

The journey from La Selva to Monteverde was incredible. To break up the drive, we were lucky enough to stop at the hot springs in La Fortuna (home to water parks, jacuzzi chairs and delicious smoothies). As if chilling in the pools, and watching each other fly off the water slide (some with more elegance…

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La Selva: a biological hotspot

The first stop on our journey was La Selva biological station, a hotspot for biodiversity. This was obvious within the first hour of our arrival, where our guided tours pointed out a three-toed sloth, caimans, howler monkeys and wild peccary; we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the trip! At La Selva, we…

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¡Bienvenido a Costa Rica! Welcome to Costa Rica!

With the field course just a few days away, we are excited to get started. Here’s some of the top reasons why Costa Rica is a great destination for our field course: 1) Costa Rica possesses the highest density of biodiversity worldwide 2) It is considered to be one of the happiest countries 3) It…

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es502    January 7th, 2019    Costa Rica

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