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Living wild

What I have loved most about our Conservation and Policy trip is the opportunity to see the real Kenya and its people beyond the typical tourist trail. We spent 2 nights on the edge of the Mara, and it couldn’t have been more wild. We had driven through several rural villages before meeting a Maasai…

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aan204    January 18th, 2016    Kenya archive

Lions and Rhinos (no bears)

Day 7 got off to an unusual start when a puppy stole Purabi’s sock. A day of data gathering later, we reconvened for dinner at 7 and graded project discussions afterwards. A rather uneventful day, with another set of early nights in preparation for more morning data work. Day 8 saw a productive morning of…

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eu211    January 16th, 2016    Kenya archive    , ,

Diverse Africa: mountains and rainforest

Over the last few days we have experienced how diverse the ecosystems of Kenya are. We travelled north of the equator to Mount Elgon national park, and then on to Kakamega rainforest. This part of Kenya is off the main tourist trail; a rare opportunity to explore raw Kenyan landscapes. Mount Elgon: The highest peak…

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Rain and Marabou

Day 4 for the Behaviour course, and we’re off to another early start – leaving at 7:30 to get to Naivasha at 3. After an uneventful few hours and a stop at the resting place of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, we made it to the equator, where one of the guides showed us the Coriolis…

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eu211    January 13th, 2016    Kenya archive    , ,

Naivasha and Nakuru

After spending a couple of days camping on the bank of Lake Naivasha (with hippos just the other side of be fence might I add), the rather mosquito bitten group of conservation & policy students headed to Nakuru. With so much going on around Naivasha it really opened our eyes to some of the environmental…

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aan204    January 11th, 2016    Kenya archive    , , , ,

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