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Mount Kenya and a Disco

Day three with the Behavioural Ecology trip dawned to an early start and more travelling – taking the scenic route out of Samburu park we saw Martial and Tawny Eagles, Black Shouldered Kites, and a Greater Kestrel as well as Giraffes and Zebra. Several hours later we arrived at Mt Kenya for lunch, which was…

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Living with Lions

For millennia, the Maasai people have lives with lions. The Maasai’s traditionally pastoralist way of life enabled a more or less peaceful coexistence with these top predators, nomadically moving cattle onwards across the savanna ecosystem in search of water and fresh pasture. However, driven by government policy in the early 1970s, people were sedentarized and…

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Planes, Buses, Birds and Dikdiks

An eventful first day – A 4pm check-in for a flight at 7, lasting almost 8 hours Off the plane at 5am local time and onto the minibuses, with a quick break to freshen up and do some birdwatching. The airport sported populations of House Sparrows and Rock Martins, as well as the Cattle Egrets…

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A Hell of a good time

We’ve now been in Kenya for 4 days, learning all about East African wildlife and enjoying the spectacular views. None more so than Hell’s Gate National Park, which happens to be the inspiration for Pride Rock in the Lion King. It was not difficult to see why, with gorgeous scenery and wildlife abundant, it was…

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A Tale of Two Lakes

On 7th January we continued our Kenya adventure with a visit to the Crater Lake Game Reserve! Employees at the reserve took us on a safari-on-foot around the reserve. Crater Lake is—as the name implies—a lake in the center of a large crater! The entire area was green and gorgeous and in our walk around…

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