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Battle of Samburu

Our driver Peter booms some request into the intercom and a faint robotic voice replies. The minibus is shunted into reverse and we speed back up the track we have just come down. We are in Samburu searching for cheetah and the pressure is on. A family were seen in this area earlier by some…

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ec270    January 21st, 2015    Kenya archive

The year of the cat

As we sit on the coach back from London Heathrow, before regular life kicks in, I have time to reflect on the second half of our Fieldcourse to Kenya. A summary of the first half can be found here. I was the coordinator of one of the three parallel courses running in Kenya at the same…

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caitlin    January 19th, 2015    Kenya archive

Bus Five Blog – Great Expectations

Whether you are conscience of it or not it’s difficult not to have some expectations of the country you are visiting. As a bus we wanted to share a few things that surprised us about Kenya: Pros: Campsites: Camp at Naru Moro prior to leaving for Mt Kenya this am #kenyafield — Stuart Bearhop…

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ec270    January 19th, 2015    Kenya archive

Caught on our camera traps

At every location we stayed in Kenya, each bus group placed a camera trap around the site in order to capture wildlife while we were away from camp (or sleeping). Some groups were lucky. Others weren’t. At our camp site near Lake Naivasha, only Bus 2 was able to capture any footage. It featured two…

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ec270    January 18th, 2015    Kenya archive

The plight of the Northern White Rhino

It’s easy to become complacent and jaded about some species when you see them so often on the game trails, but there are some that will never grow boring – and learning about the plight of the Northern White Rhino and the conservation efforts to save it during our fieldtrip has only added to their…

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ec270    January 16th, 2015    Kenya archive

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