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Why do we do field courses?

I write to you from the 2015 Kenya Field Course where we currently have 3 separate groups undertaking different itineraries. We (31 students and 6 staff) have spent time at Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru where we have interacted with Kenyans and expatriates involved in conservation, industry and the wider environmental sector. We have visited…

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caitlin    January 15th, 2015    Kenya archive    , ,

The four stages of Safari according to Dr Dave Hodgson.

At the start of our trip Dave told us we would experience four different emotions whilst we were being bumped about in minibuses trying to focus cameras and binoculars on elusive wildlife. We were determined to stay in stage one: excitement, but dave was right (as he tends to be about these things) and we…

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jab239    January 12th, 2015    Kenya archive

On seeing animals you never knew existed: Springhares a.k.a. What the hell is that?

In less than two weeks we’ll be in Kenya. I’m pretty excited. I’m something of an animal enthusiast, so I can’t wait to get out there and start spying on some. I’m more excited about seeing some species than others, but what I’m really hoping for is to see something I never knew existed. I’ve…

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ds413    January 2nd, 2015    Kenya archive

The 5 Stages of Watching Impala.

I remember the first time I saw impala in the wild. I was genuinely enchanted, they typify what’s most captivating about antelope; they’re elegant, beautifully coloured and move with speed and grace. I think I said something earnest like “what are they? They’re gorgeous!” Everyone else looked at me with a mixture of surprise and…

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ds413    December 23rd, 2014    Kenya archive

Are field courses expensive?

In short? Yes, yes they are. But they can be affordable within a student loan if you are sensible and they are most definitely worth it! I fully admit I am biased towards University of Exeter. I did my undergraduate degree here and honestly didn’t seriously consider moving anywhere else to do my Masters. The…

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jab239    December 19th, 2014    Kenya archive    , , ,

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