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Learning Swahili

Habari!! (Hello!) The official language of Kenya is Swahili and while we’re certainly not expected to be fully fluent (as we will have guides) its always good to know a few words to help get by. In the handbook we were provided we were given some useful phrases and information about pronunciation but I know…

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jab239    December 18th, 2014    Kenya archive    , ,

20 days to go!

Now I am definitely someone who leaves things to the last minute; filling my car with petrol, assignments (eep!) and most importantly packing for travelling. There are certain things I like to get done early though and first aids kits are top of the list. Trust me (I speak from experience!) convincing a parent/sibling to…

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Keeping up with Kenya

In just over four weeks time, I will be jet-setting off to the wildlife bonanza, otherwise known as Kenya. Unfortunately for me, this is actually one of my assessed modules for my masters degree…a difficult life I know. Overview The course will give us a whirlwind tour of all the amazing sites around the country…

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ec270    December 17th, 2014    Kenya archive

Too early to prepare?

On the 7th of January I’ll be flying to Kenya for a two-week behavioural ecology field course. We’ve been briefed, I’m excited, but at this point it still doesn’t quite feel real and I don’t really know what to expect. But, if I’ve learnt one thing from previous field experience, it’s to BE PREPARED. Christmas…

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ds413    December 15th, 2014    Kenya archive

Thoughts from a first-timer

I’m new around here. I moved to Cornwall in August, this has been my first full term as a lecturer in the CEC, and in January I’ll be going on my first trip to Kenya. You can never repeat first moments, so I’m taking every opportunity to reflect on the brand new things that I’m…

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ec270    December 15th, 2014    Kenya archive

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