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Ol Pejeta Conservancy

  10th January 2019 (Day 5) Our second day at Ol Pejeta was an incredibly eventful day. We started off the morning with a game drive, where we were greeted with the most biodiversity I have ever encountered. Crowned hornbills, grey-headed kingfishers, white-bellied go-away birds and brown parrots were among the dozens of colourful birds…

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ah621    January 20th, 2019    Kenya

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my: Human- wildlife conflict in Kenya

Animals and humans have always had a tricky relationship, especially when it comes to big predators such as lions, tigers and bears.  Here in Kenya we have been learning about the conflict between the conservation of lions and the Maasai people.  There is conflict when a lion kills cattle belonging to the Maasai. This to…

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js1102    January 16th, 2019    Kenya

Lake Nakuru National Park

Brendan Godley’s group are having a great time in Kenya seeing loads of wildlife! We left our campsite at Lake Naivasha bright and early to travel to Lake Nakuru National Park, where we were given an interesting introduction by one of the Kenya Wildlife Service Park Rangers. He told us about the history of Lake…

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am1123    January 14th, 2019    Kenya

Day One: Welcome to Kenya!

Stepping off the plane at Nairobi airport the heat was the first thing I noticed. A wave of it caught my face, accompanied by a light breeze – the latter very welcome to those still dressed for London in January. Walking into the airport with our multicoloured papers (our visas and vaccinations etc) at the ready our ears…

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ah621    January 12th, 2019    Kenya

A wild night ride

A night safari, something not many of us get to do. Driving out into the wilderness with our night torches at the ready we sought to seek out the wildlife that had hidden from view during the day. A thrilling experience to be out after dark. Driving along we didn’t think we would find much…

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js1102    January 10th, 2019    Kenya

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