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Kenya: geckos, pastoralists and hope

Kenya: home to diverse cultures, incredible wildlife and some of the most amazing landscapes on earth. In our field-course fortnight, we’ll be getting a glimpse of the realities of wildlife conservation here, from the challenges to the opportunities. Safe to say, as we landed in Nairobi, we were feeling pretty buzzed up. The following morning,…

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th504    January 13th, 2020    Kenya

Kenya Believe It? We’re Off!

African Behavioural Ecology Field Course departs today The best thing about the forest is that it is bursting with life—even at night. Argumentative insects, singing cicadas and the calls of large mammals resonate in the night. I loved to fall asleep to the cacophony back home in India. Now I live at the University of…

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as1282    January 9th, 2020    Kenya    , , , , , , ,

Kenya Trip day 1

After weeks of anticipation we finally arrived in Kenya this evening. We passed the Nairobi national park on the way to the hotel and have already seen some buffalo. We’re all eager to start our trip properly tomorrow.

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er451    January 5th, 2020    Bahamas, Kenya

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

  10th January 2019 (Day 5) Our second day at Ol Pejeta was an incredibly eventful day. We started off the morning with a game drive, where we were greeted with the most biodiversity I have ever encountered. Crowned hornbills, grey-headed kingfishers, white-bellied go-away birds and brown parrots were among the dozens of colourful birds…

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ah621    January 20th, 2019    Kenya

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my: Human- wildlife conflict in Kenya

Animals and humans have always had a tricky relationship, especially when it comes to big predators such as lions, tigers and bears.  Here in Kenya we have been learning about the conflict between the conservation of lions and the Maasai people.  There is conflict when a lion kills cattle belonging to the Maasai. This to…

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js1102    January 16th, 2019    Kenya

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