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Invasive fish, Deep Sea mystery and elusive Stingrays

#FieldBahamas made it to Cape Eleuthera! But so too did a major storm system… students were beginning to think they had arrived in the Arctic not the Caribbean! Despite the weather blowing plan A, B, and probably C out the water we managed to start the field course with 3 days of species exploration, dissections…

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Field Bahamas top tips for protecting Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs are one of the oldest and most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. Appearing first as solitary organisms more than 400 million years ago, corals are extremely ancient animals that evolved into modern reef-building forms over the last 25 million years. Teeming with life, coral reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean…

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A Brief Bahamian Tour

Many of us have never been lucky enough to travel to the Bahamas. I have images in my head of white sand, turquoise waters and the odd pirate or two. But what I was interested in, was finding out what the Bahamas is really like and how it came to be. So strap yourselves in…

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A Hell of a good time

We’ve now been in Kenya for 4 days, learning all about East African wildlife and enjoying the spectacular views. None more so than Hell’s Gate National Park, which happens to be the inspiration for Pride Rock in the Lion King. It was not difficult to see why, with gorgeous scenery and wildlife abundant, it was…

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Why do we do field courses?

I write to you from the 2015 Kenya Field Course where we currently have 3 separate groups undertaking different itineraries. We (31 students and 6 staff) have spent time at Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru where we have interacted with Kenyans and expatriates involved in conservation, industry and the wider environmental sector. We have visited…

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