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#FieldYukonAlaska – the best bits!

Field Yukon Alaska has drawn to a close – and I’ve been so caught up in the most incredible experience of my life that there has only been 2 blogs! Don’t worry though, here’s a big one to sum it all up! Hiking the Auriol Trail The Auriol trail is a 15km loop hike through…

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The excitement is building for Yukon & Alaska…

It’s only a couple of days to go until a group of us head off to some of the wildest spots in North America – and no, I’m not talking about Vegas. Instead, we will be heading away from the cities, deep into the bear country of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory for 2 weeks…

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Thanks for the Memories

Leaving came so suddenly… we packed up the dorms in one whirlwind afternoon and then before we knew it, we were crammed onto that tiny plane waving goodbye to the lecturers as we left our little island paradise.  We learnt, saw and did so much, and living there has inspired us in many different ways…

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Competition Time!

Throughout the course, we had all been armed with a selection of cameras, GoPros and, of course, smartphones.  We certainly hadn’t been short of subjects to photograph, either – all of us combined must have taken thousands of pictures!  On our final day, we collated the best of these and submitted them for a competition…

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Project: Mangroves

Washing dishes isn’t so bad with a view like this!  We had an unexpectedly sunny afternoon for day one of collecting data for our project on mangroves.  Heading over to the mangroves at Page Creek where we’d done the drone work, we strapped on our snorkel gear and headed in.  The original plan had been…

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