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35 students, 2 weeks, 1 stunning destination

Bring on Field Course Galapagos 2018! With under two weeks to go, the preparation for the field course of a lifetime is fully underway! And to kick it off, our first blog will be about the beautiful island we will be studying on, and what exactly we will be studying! The Galapagos islands are a…

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Counting down to Borneo

Alongside the countdown to Christmas, the final year biosciences students are all eagerly counting down to their field trips in the new year. With just three weeks to go, the preparation has begun. Flights are booked and christmas lists have been filled with slightly bizarre requests such as mosquito nets and head torches, not the…

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Countdown to Costa Rica!

With Christmas now behind us Field Course Fortnight is only just around the corner and therefore current final year bioscience and masters students will be preparing for what is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. In the last days before we jet off to our respective exotic destinations we will be frantically checking…

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Learning Swahili

Habari!! (Hello!) The official language of Kenya is Swahili and while we’re certainly not expected to be fully fluent (as we will have guides) its always good to know a few words to help get by. In the handbook we were provided we were given some useful phrases and information about pronunciation but I know…

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