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The ICMM2018 Organising Committee are pleased to announce the participation of the following exhibitors at the 2018 IEEE International Conferenece on Microwave Magnetics.  The exhibitors will be located on the ground floor of The Forum and can be located using the list below and the numbered exhibitor stands shown on the Forum Ground Floor Plan.


Stand 1.

Stand 2.

Stand 3.

Stand 4.

Stand 5.

Stand 6.

Stand 7.

Stand 8.

Stand 9.

Stand 10.

Exhibitor Information

  • The exhibitor stands will be located on the ground floor of The Forum.
  • Each stand will be numbered and assigned according to the exhibitor number in the list above.
  • The exhibitor display tables will be 70 cm high, 160cm wide, and 80 cm deep.
  • A mains power supply will be available to exhibitors.
  • Exhibitor tables will be set up during the evening of Sunday 24th June.
  • There is no strict time for the exhibition to begin.  We suggest that exhibits set up from 08:00 hrs on the morning of Monday 25th June in advance of the first coffee break at 10:00 hrs.
  • You are welcome to bring floor standing roller banners (or similar), literature stands, and other materials to accompany your exhibit.
  • Chairs will be available for the exhibition stand if your require them.
  • Car parking for exhibitors will be available on the 25th June in Car Park C on Streatham Campus,  located approximately 50 meters from the main entrance to The Forum for unloading of exhibitor equipment.  On the 26th and 27th June car parking will be available in Car Park A.  Loading can most likely be done by moving to Car Park C towards the end of the 27th June.  Parking spaces will be reserved under the conference acronym ‘ICMM.’  One car parking space will be reserved per exhibiting company on pay-and-display terms only.  Car parking is charged at £6 per day.  Pay-and-display ticket machines are available in Car Park C and Car park Arequire £1 coins.
  • The Forum is accessible 24 hrs a day.  Exhibitors can place valuable exhibits into a lockable seminar room within the Forum for secure overnight storage.
  • There is no strict time for the exhibition to close.  We suggest that maintain your stand until the end of the final coffee break at 14:30 hrs on the afternoon of Wednesday 27th June.
  • Exhibitors are welcome to attend the conference technical sessions as detailed in the ICMM2018 Program.