Welcome to the Innovative Mass Storage Technologies (IMST) website.

IMST began in 2001 as a unique forum in Europe to gather specialists from all areas of mass storage technologies and emerging non-volatile solid state memories. A strong interaction of industrial and academic specialists is encouraged as part of the IMST activities, providing valuable opportunities for experts with different backgrounds to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the field.


IMST activities include international workshops, roadmap definition, strategy discussions, and collaborative EU projects. A key feature of the IMST workshops is the industrial review that opens every conference where leading researchers in the field of memory and data storage technology give a worldwide view on the latest developments and the hottest topics. Past industrial speakers have come from Sony, Samsung, Thomson, Infineon, Philips, Motorola, Seagate, Nanomagnetics, TuiOptics, Plasmon, STMicroelectronics and IBM. The IMST Committee has also played a major role in developing a vibrant community for EU-based data storage research. The EU Roadmap for data storage technologies is contained in the IMST White Book 2007, this aims to define the European view on the future of data storage.

  • Emerging and Future Technologies
  • Magnetic Memories
  • Solid State Memories
  • Optical Memories
  • Architecture System Software

IMST Conference 2010

IMST 2010 Workshop was successfully held in conjunction with Minatec-Crossroads 2010  in Grenoble, France on 21st June 2010. The workshop was packed with innovative memory technologies like silicon-based memories, resistive memories and a discussion on future memories. The full list of the workshop talks can be found following the link below:

The Minatec-Crossroads 2010 conference was a major European conference on Nanotechnology which covered various areas of  micro and nanotechnology and their applications to different research areas. It was held from 21st to 24th June 2010. Follow the link below to find out more about Minatec Crossroads 2010.

IMST Conference 2009

IMST Conference 2009 was successfully held in Aachen, Germany on 8 and 9 September 2009, presenting workshop tutorials from experts in data storage and also talks from FP-6 and FP-7 project co-ordinators. The IMST2009 technical program that took place and the workshop tutorials can be downloaded here.

The IMST 2009 conference was held in conjuction with the EPCOS 2009 conference. Visit the EPCOS website: http://www.epcos.org/epcos2009 to download the abstract of papers from key speakers and poster presentations.

EU Data Storage Who’s Who

The EU Who’s Who of Data Storage and Memory Technology is a part of an EU Framework 6 project entitled Wide INtegrated Technologies Diffusion (WIND) led by The University of Exeter. This part of the WIND project was subcontracted by the project leader – Exeter University – to Mackintosh Consultants, data storage industry specialists who have undertaken similar activities for the likes of the DTI, Scottish Enterprise and other private clients. The goal is to uncover all European activity in this field and so create an EU Who’s Who of data storage and memory technology by publishing on this website a directory of all EU-based research, development and manufacturing organisations involved in mass storage.

If you are based in the EU and are actively involved in the research, development or manufacturing of data storage or memory technology products, please submit your details for EU Who’s Who database via this form.