MAnetic FIlms on Nanospheres (MAFIN)

Mass data storage on magnetic hard drives in portable products is a new and fast growing market with an estimated turnover of several billion EUR per year. However, continued growth of storage density is limited as a result of the thermal instability of recorded data. To overcome this so called “superparamagnetic effect”, the use of discrete media, in which information is stored in single nanostructures, will become mandatory. However, the relevant roadmap indicate that the required lithography tools will not be able to proide the needed feature size performance and cost efficiency in time. Therefore it is likely that magnetic recording media will be the first technology which requires the introduction of nanostructuring by self-assembly processes.


MAFIN aims at developing a new magnetic recording media at prove-of-concept level for ultrahigh density magnetic storage applications, by using low-cost environmentally friendly processes and both advanced and new nanotechnologies. MAFIN will provide the required breakthroughs for an innovative concept of magnetic media: based upon assisted self-assembly to produce a periodic array of nanoparticles expandable to wafer size scale, and further, the controlled sputter-deposition of magnetic films with high magnetic anisotropy deposited onto the nanospheres.

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Coordinator: Universitat Konstanz, Germany
Partners:Swiss Federal Lab for Materials testing and Research (EMPA), Switzerland

Functional Materials Research, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI), Switzerland

OC Oerlikon Balzers AG, Liechtenstein